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The Love That Couldn't Be

You're so far away
In your arms I wanted to stay
Next to me you once laid
Embracing me with your manly ways
I dreamed to hopefully play 
The role of your soul mate one day 
I think of you every day
Wishing you were here today 
To relive the happy moments we shared
Igniting passion behind close doors
My love for you continued to soar
To live with you I desired for sure
Moments together were incredibly good
So how could I have known when there was no clue
You had a secret and you had to choose
Someone you already knew
Or my love that was brand new
My blind devotion didn't allow me to see
All along you were with her
While you romanced me 
Farewell I said to you reluctantly  
Embracing you good bye tearfully
Never to set my eyes on you again
Your passionate touch never to be felt
Tender lips never to be kissed
Intimacies I will treasure for a lifetime 
I will never forget you where once mine
Even if it was just for a short time
Our memories together still make me smile
Despite your betrayal there is no denial
In each other's lives we were perfect for awhile

@November 29, 2010
Nancy Hidalgo

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