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It's love !

Below and above, my feeling is love.

Sweaty or cool, I'll be your love fool.

In heavy pouring rain, love kiss upon my lips explain.

Face to face, eye to eye, we look.

I'm in love, I'm hooked.

Best of the best degree, with you educational love churn  with me.

You teach, you heal, your love fills.

Holes in my soul, mend when you touch my skin.

It's love over and over again.

It's love in my explorer, You are my adorer.

Deep passion, deep action.

Quiet and loud, your loving makes me proud.

To be you lady, to be your love, is my dream come true.

With your love, live won't be blue.

With this, this is it, it's love.

My true feeling, my true emotion.

It is, it is love.

Upon my seat, love stain explain.

It'll never be the same,

It's for real, not a dirty game.

Ouside is wet, insde is sweat.

It's all alright, love lives today.

Love lives tonight.

I'm telling you, it love nothing but love.

It's love inside me.



Gladys Jean Jones

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