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In love   I stand, at my peak, my love speak.

In my heart, desire start.

I captured emotion.

In my soul thre's fantasy explosion.

Up and down, my body, there is thirst.

I love you forever, i love you first.

Fiddle, diddle, love sticks, in the middle.

From toe, to finger, desire linger.

Passion clings, closer than an on ring finger.

In love, with you, I stand, I stand proud.

Our love unscramble smokey jammed clouds.

In my closet our love doesn't hang.

Outside it thunder, it bang.

Excited love strike, love I like.

On sunny days, nights of rain, love stain.

Love is blinking, of love, I'm thinking.

In love, i sing, cause satifaction you bring.

No acting, no lie, to you I reply.

Love to me, tears of passion, I cry.

I love you, in love I am.

Love like jelly and jam.

Like clam chowder, we join, we has won.

Our voice, love thick and moist.

It 's our wish, it's our choice.


Gladys Jean Jones

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