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WHERE DID IT GO <img src= questionmark2.gif width=25>
<img src= Time-1.jpg?t=1278178565>
How on earth did I reach this age<img src= questionmark2.gif width=20>
Can somebody please tell me<img src= questionmark2.gif width=20>
Did somebody just put me here<img src= questionmark2.gif width=20>
Just don`t know how this could be<img src= excla-13.gif width=25>
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
Did I blink or maybe I over slept<img src= excla-13.gif width=25>
Whatever happened I don`t like it,
Do I have more past than future now<img src= questionmark2.gif width=22>
If that`s the case I don`t like it one bit.
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
I need help, help to dig my heels in
I am going to stop time from slipping away
I need it to slow down so I can catch up
I thought there were 24 hours in a day.
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
My kids have gone from babies to adults
This all happened in the blink of an eye,
Where did their childhood go I ask
Where did my youth go I sigh.
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
Time has passed and I’ve not noticed
Where was I and what was I doing<img src= questionmark2.gif width=22>
This is a sad situation I find myself in
Maybe a witch was doing some brewing<img src= excla-13.gif width=25><img src= excla-13.gif width=25>
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
I`m now frightened to go to sleep `cause
This passing of time fills me with dread
As I know the inevitable will happen
I`ll  wake up one day and find myself dead.
<img src= hourglass_50x75.gif>
copyright©2010 Elsie
<i>Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170</i>


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