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Once more I wake this morning unhappy man At thirty one Now you can see That prince Charles of Whales is my mate yet I wake with worries in my eyes Till tears of my heart Is forcing out these lines with no rhymes Nor flavour nor patern nor rythm And can't be called an elergy Nor comedy Nor prayer of jabezee But mumble jumble nonsense on how I feel Oh please my God Please help my soul And divorce me and divorce me from poverty The dude Who promises to marry me By force for better for worse Oh my God please boost my life And grease my palm With clean naira and pouce sterin And flora caring wifey material that Will always dial my phone Whenever Im yet at home by 10pm Not all these double dating aprentices Whom recharge cards are paths to their thighs And comfort me my Lord with Neat euro and dollar And a boy and a girl I can teach my chess In a good state of health And longevity Till I'm 102 and be buried In front of billion people. O God please I beg thee Make my next rhyme a testimony.

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