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Unbiological Sister 

What an amazing bond we share
For one another we deeply care
Our connection can't be compare
Raised in different homes
Nurtured by other folks
It's our similarities we admire
You are the sister I always desired
Unbiological sisters connected in spirit
Trusting each other without limits
I hold onto you with a warm embrace
We were united by god's grace
He guided us into each other's path
Grateful for his great match
You were the one he chose
He presented you as a single rose
One by one you all came filling me with wonder
Like a dozen roses we became a bundle 
In good times and in bad
When I am happy or feeling sad
You witness my life first hand
Like a second set of eyes
You see what's on my mind
Directing me to see the light
When I've been told lies
You know how to make things right
I'm so grateful you're on my side
I can't ask for a better sister to confide
Blessed to have you in my life


@ June 8, 2012

Nancy Hidalgo